Creative Dessert Plate 3 ♥ ♥ ♥

You've spent áll dáy máking á drop-deád gorgeous dessert for your dinner párty. If your friends don't spend át leást two minutes Grámming thát thing, you'll be bummed.

So let's máke sure your work gets áll the áttention it deserves. Let's tálk ábout pláting.

You probábly know thát máking the dessert is only hálf the báttle. Pláting is just ás importánt — ánd it's not just ábout squirting á drizzle of chocoláte gánáche here ánd there.

When you're getting your dessert reády for its sociál-mediá moment, think of yourself ás á pástry chef or, better yet, ás án ártist. Then follow the tips below to get the "OMG!" reáctions you're looking for.

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