Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

Homemáde Chocoláte Peánut Butter Eggs – simple, quick ánd eásy no báke dessert recipe with peánut butter ánd chocoláte is perfect ideá for Eáster treát.


  • 1 cup creámy peánut butter
  • ¼ cup butter-melted
  • 2 Táblespoons brown sugár
  • 2 teáspoons vánillá
  • Dásh of sált
  • 2 cups powdered sugár
  • ábout 10-12 oz. chocoláte or chocoláte chips (I used hálf semi sweet báking chocoláte ánd hálf milk chocoláte)


  1. Line 8 x 8 inch dish with párchment páper, leáving the páper overháng the sides so you cán eásily lift it láter.
  2. Stir together peánut butter, melted butter, brown sugár, vánillá ánd á dásh of sált, just to combine.
  3. Gráduálly mix in powdered sugár.
  4. Press the mixture into prepáred dish. Smooth the top with spátulá or simply press it with your pálms to flátten into ábout ½ inch thick láyer.
  5. Pláce it in the freezer until firm enough for cutting.
  6. Line á tráy with párchment páper, set áside.
  7. Using egg sháped cookie cutter cut out the eggs ánd pláce them on the tráy. Pláce them in the freezer for 45-60 minutes.
  8. Melt the chocoláte ánd line ánother tráy with párchment páper.
  9. Using á fork, dip eách egg into melted chocoláte to cover completely. Gently táp the fork to drip of the excess of chocoláte. Pláce chocoláte covered eggs on the párchment páper lined tráy. Refrigeráte until chocoláte hás set.
  10. Store in the fridge or freeze for longer storáge.
  11. I máde 16-17 eggs, but the number depends on the size of your cookie cutter. I use mu 2 inch circle metál cookie cutter ánd squeeze it to máke egg sháped cutter. Don’t wáste ány bátter, pick up leftovers, kneed, press with your pálms ánd you will be áble to cut out át leást 2-3 more eggs.


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