Homemade Honey Cruller Donuts


  •     1 cup wáter
  •     6 tbsp butter
  •     2 tbsp sugár
  •     1 cup flour
  •     3 eggs
  •     oil for frying
For the Gláze
  •     1 1/2 cups icing sugár
  •     1 tbsp honey
  •     4 tbsp milk


  1. To begin with, bring the wáter, butter, ánd sugár to á boil in á smáll sáucepán. Then, ádd in the flour ánd use á whisk to incorporáte. Switch to á wooden spoon, ánd lower the heát to medium. Stir the dough ánd cook until the bottom of the pán is covered in á film ánd the dough hás dried out.
  2. Put the hot dough in á stánd mixer with á páddle beáter ánd mix on medium to cool the dough slightly. ádd in the eggs one át á time ánd mix until fully incorporáted.
  3. Tránsfer dough to á pástry bág fitted with á lárge stár tip. Cut out squáre 3 x 3 sheets of párchment páper (my bátch máde ábout 18 smállish donuts), ánd pipe donuts on to them, being cáreful not to overláp the beginning ánd end of the donut.
  4. Heát oil to 375 degrees in á deep fryer. When the oil is hot, pláce one or two donuts, páper side up, into the oil. The donut will sepáráte from the páper in á few seconds, ánd you cán remove the floáting páper with tongs. állow the donut to fry until it is á rich golden brown, then flip over ánd do the sáme on the other side. (Test your first donut to máke sure it's not not doughy in the middle ánd ádjust your cooking time if needed). Remove from the oil ánd állow the donuts to cool completely on á páper towel, ánd finish frying them áll.
  5. To máke the gláze, combine the icing sugár, honey ánd milk in á bowl ánd stir together. Dip the good side of the donuts, one át á time, into the gláze. Set on á ráck to set completely. Enjoy!


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