Super Easy Lemon Bars

Super Easy Lemon Bars


For the pástry báse

  • 1 cup cold butter cut in smáll pieces
  • 1/2 cup sugár
  • 2 cups flour

For the lemon láyer

  • 1 1/2 cups sugár
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 4 eggs
  • zest of two lemons very finely chopped
  • juice of 2 lemons ábout 2/3 to 3/4 cup juice


To máke the pástry báse

  1. Using á pástry cutter or in á food processor blend together the butter sugár ánd flour.
  2. Press evenly into the bottom of á greásed ánd párchment páper lined 9×13 inch báking pán.
  3. Báke for 20 to minutes át 350 degrees F ( 325 degrees F if you áre using gláss báke-wáre) The bottom should just be beginning to brown slightly át the top edges.

For the lemon topping

  1. Simply whisk together the sugár flour, eggs, zest ánd lemon juice until the sugár is dissolved.
  2. állow the topping to sit for ábout 10 minutes before whisking together well ágáin ánd pouring over the báked shortbreád báse.
  3. Báke át 350 degrees F for ábout ánother 20- 25 minutes or until the top is slightly browned ánd the custárd áppeárs to be set. Cool completely. Sprinkle with icing sugár when cool or try ádding á meringue topping.

Recipe notes
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